Institutions, Institutions, Foundations, Companies, Associations, Organisations and Individuals who, with their contribution, intend to contribute to the achievement of the Association’s aims, may acquire the title of Associate. Associates have the title of “Friends of the Accademia dei Lincei” and are divided into four categories: ordinary; supporters; honorary; emeriti. Read more…

Who supports us

The major Italian economic realities support the Association. Discover all the associated Friends and how to become a friend of the Lincei.


Complete list of Friendly Companies and Members

Honorary Friends

  • Dott. Flavio ARGENTESI
  • Avv. Vincenzo CATAPANO, Vice Presidente emerito
  • Cav. Lav. Ing. Carlo DE BENEDETTI
  • Cav. Lav. Prof. Ing. Gianfranco DIOGUARDI
  • Prof. Natalino IRTI
  • Dott. Gianni LETTA
  • Ing. Francesco MUSTO
  • Cav. Lav. Gr. Cr. Dott. Nerio NESI
  • Avv. Lorenzo PALLESI
  • Prof. Franco PAVONCELLO
  • † Prof. Ing. Pierluigi RIDOLFI, Presidente emerito
  • Cav. Lav. Prof. Mario SARCINELLI, Vice Presidente emerito
  • Prof. Francesco SISINNI